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Kevin Crow violin maker

About Kevin

A Brief History of Kevin Crow Violins

I am a violin maker located in Madison, Wisconsin.

My journey as a violin maker began in Chicago, Illinois were I studied lutherie and was able to examine and play many fine instruments by Antonio Stradivari, Bartolomeo Giuseppe Guarneri (del Gesù),  Amati, Guadagini,...and many other great masters from Cremona and beyond.   Later, I had the privilege of studying under the tutelage of Carl F. Becker.  Today, I make violins and violas in Madison, Wisconsin. I still keep ties with my colleagues in Chicago.


I play the violin , viola, and acoustic guitar. Being able to play these instruments gives me a player's perspective. I understand that a violin or viola is often more than just an 'instrument" to a performing artist; rather, it becomes a voice that enables him or her to not only play music, but to also create and convey ideas, expressions, emotions, melodies, and harmonies that would not be possible with his or her natural voice.  I  understand that musicians often feel a personal relationship with their instrument. To some it is an extension of themselves, to others the instrument takes on a personality of its own, and yet to others, there is a blending of both. I also understand that owning and playing a fine violin or a viola can be a very personal and rewarding experience.  


As a builder I understand the importance of having a well designed and well constructed instrument that is set up properly, responds to the player, sounds wonderful, can offer many tonal colors, is agile, and projects to the back of a concert hall. I endeavor to impart each of these qualities into every instrument that I make.

In addition to building violins and violas, I have worked as a medical photographer, sound engineer, and as a university professor. I have a BA in Education, an MBA in Management, and a Doctor of Education degree in Instructional Technology. I  find that all of my life's experiences, even the seemingly unrelated ones, often aide me in understanding and  building fine violins and violas.

I would love to have you experience one of my instruments. Please feel encouraged to contact me for an audition, or to simply talk about my violins and violas. 


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