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Comments and Testimonials.

Kevin, I enjoyed learning about your journey as a luthier and your latest work. I am particularly impressed by your excellent Maggini model viola. It has a warm yet powerful voice, a truly Brescian character, and is so very playable! One of my finest students recently purchased one of your Strad models; it is developing wonderfully and working so well for him. Congrats on what you have achieved, and I hope to experience more of your instruments in the future.

Matthew C. Michelic

Professor of Viola:  Lawrence University Conservatory of Music.

The playing qualities and finished beauty of Kevin Crow’s instruments strongly reflect his in-depth studies of not only the underlying fundamental principles but also the structural and artistic details embodied in the greatest instruments of different classic Italian violin makers. Also reflecting his practical knowledge of modern technology and player needs, his violins and violas, which I played as recently as August 2023, generally play easily with an even response from pitch to pitch, pleasing resonance and a free sound within the full range of each string. How they quickly and sensitively respond to the bow within different musical characters, dynamics, inflections and tonal colors is comparable to what I have experienced with the master-crafted 18th century Italian violins I often played in my own performances.


In short, Kevin’s instruments offer a fine potential within solo, chamber ensemble and orchestral settings and should only improve with time. In doing so, these instruments will not only help their players more readily realize their musical imagination but also help them to grow to higher levels, both instrumentally and musically.

Tyrone Greive
Professor Emeritus of Violin: University of Wisconsin -Madison, Mead Witter School of Music
Retired Concertmaster: Madison Symphony Orchestra

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